Biography of Ιωσήφ Ντεμίρης/Iosef Ntemiris (Josef Demiris)

Ιωσήφ Ντεμίρης/Iosef Ntemiris (Josef Demiris) was born in Alissos, near Patras in 1945.

From a very young age the colors and the palette moved him and with much work he managed to be considered one of the greatest Greek seafarers. With great colorful mastery he plays with the liquid element from which he manages and emerges every mood from the more peaceful sea to the mystery and the awe created by the wild unreal wave. Ntemiris' expressionist boats and warriors are frequently fighting the turbulent sea though, sometimes still resting at the golden sunsets of his colors. His works were honored with their presence in museums and private collections worldwide. His last public position was as a Director of Hellenic Maritime Museum.