This page is dedicated to the memory of my father Mihailo Ilije Maletić (1924-1990) who have had created our collection with great effort, dedication and knowledge while instilling in us, his children great interest and good understanding of visual arts. We are eternally grateful to him for this.

Here you can see a selection of about 100 paintings from the collection. Authors are mostly famous academic  artists from the territories of former Yugoslavia, though we have some works by artists from other nations: Hungary, France, Spain, Japan,...Mostly selected and purchased by my father, reflecting his sensibilities.

Mihailo Ilije Maletić was accomplished author and editor of ethnographic books about Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Hence, another section of this site presents photographs he took for the particular focus of his ethnographic interest: frescoes from the Serbian Monasteries and Churches, many dating back to 10th and 11th Century. Some of these are particularly poignant as the originals are irrecoverably and completely blown up (literally, by dynamite) and lost to our culture during the war in the Kosovo and Metohija region of  Serbia.

Finally, I am also exhibiting some of my own photography here. My father was the one who have introduced me to it and encouraged my early interest at the young age of 8 by purchasing and giving me (completely and without restrictions) my own camera. This have channeled and developed my own understanding and work in visual arts, which while not professional is a crucial part of my life.

We strongly encourage our visitors to help us by providing more info about authors & paintings for which we have incomplete information (lesson learned: do listen to your father, you never know how long he will be around to repeat it). If you see the image without complete information and you have any advice on it, please contact us!

Gallery in which creation my father contributed and which had great impact on my understanding of art, do visit them: