Biography of Bogumil Karlavaris

Bogumil Karlavaris have been born in Perlez (near Zreanin), Serbia on September 18th 1924. He graduates with teaching degree in Novi Sad, followed by degree from Academy of Arts in Belgrade. His doctoral thesis and work happened in Germany on topic of education in arts. He starts his career teaching at School of Pedagogy in Novi Sad, 1974-1980 he teaches at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad followed by Professorship at the Pedagogy University at Rijeka, Croatia. His professional work is merger of education and arts. In addition to teaching he produces many paintings and exhibitions (more than 60 individual exhibitions) as well as educational materials and books. He have been founder of the Center for Artistic Education of Children in Vojvodina and the head of that institution from 1954-1980.
His artistic expression is realism infused with spiritual and poetic elements. Thematic is mostly urban and suburban Vojvodina and later Istria. Through his life he evolves from initial impressionism, through enformel in 1960s to conceptual art in his later years.
He received may recognitions for his work, most notably award "October Prize" from the City of Novi Sad, "Eminent Pedagog" from country of Yugoslavia and American "Edvin Zigfeld" award for education by arts in 1993.
He have died on July 8th 2010 in Novi Sad.