Stolen Art

During wars and unrest on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in 1990s a number of works of art belonging to our family have been stolen from the village of Majur near city of Šabac, Serbia. Theft have been carefully documented and investigated by the Police and other National Authorities there, though so far without results. On this page we present to you stolen images in hope that someone may notice them somewhere, inform us and thus help us to recover them.

This was not only a crime of profit by the thieves because two of the stolen paintings are portraits of family members (one of whom have long passed away) and hence particularly dear and important to us. Thus theft of these paintings was much more than monetary and object of art loss. It is deep personal tragedy for us.

Below we present paintings stolen from us in black and white, symbolic of our loss. Actual paintings are indeed colorful and we hope that one day we can recover them and hence display them in full beauty.

If you have any information about the location of these paintings, please inform us.. We will certainly reasonably reward any good lead!